April Stults (April Gutierrez) was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She holds a Bachelor’s in Education from Western Governor’s University. April began writing for publication in 2008 and is the author of 10 novels across several genres spanning from romance to children’s academic literature. She is an elementary school teacher and writing coach helping others with their writing craft.

She currently lives in Central, Florida with her husband and 4 children. She interacts with her followers on her Instagram page, @AprilStultsBooks where she posts a wide range of topics that include literature, spirituality, and focuses on spreading positivity through her writing.

Since her near death experience in 2010 with a congenital birth defect that went undetected her whole life, April began her spiritual healing journey which lead her to learn mediation. Through the practice of mindful quieting of the mind, April has opened up her creative portal in both her written art but also other mediums of art, such as painting.


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