I’ve had this website since the very start of my writing career. From the moment my first novel was published I created It is one of the reasons I haven’t changed my domain name because I still use April Gutierrez as my Adult Genre pen name.

This morning, as I tried to update my site to create a special sale item, I was immediately logged out. Mind you, 2020 has been one for the books with odd things happenings so I took on my usual tech support persona. Needless to say, a thought crossed my mind that maybe this was (is) the Universe’s way of forcing me to evaluate the importance of my writing career in my life.

Can we say, Wake Up Call! Every inner alarm was sounding as I couldn’t access 12 years worth of work on this page. Fine, it’s not like a website can’t be remade. It’s not like starting from scratch is a bad thing. All in all, I know that the glitch was meant to make me Wake Up to what I have been ignoring for over 2 years now. Writing is my life purpose. It’s what I came here to do, to share with humanity. It’s why I can sit and hear the characters as they go on about their imaginary lives until I’ve had a chance to sit and write about them and their journey.

When that sort of realization hits you, like it did to me today, so many other factor come straight to the forefront. For me, the most glaring was, “what’s stopping you?” and the answer to that is: Not a damn thing!

At this point, after getting my site back and having to change a few things around, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I’m not talking about the realization that I didn’t lose 12 years of my journey. No, the weight is the realization that every author’s journey is different and I should never compare myself to anyone else’s path.

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