Writing Tip #3 for Fiction

As with any writing really, planning is futile unless you know what over all message you want to convey to your readers. I’m not talking about generally either. The #3 tip I teach in my writing course is what do you want to say?

Sometimes, the hardest thing in life comes down to speaking your truth. So, as a writer, a teller of information, you instinctively have a lot to say. That’s all well and good, mind you, unless you are stuck in the mud of what exactly you mean to say. Knowing your message, from the very beginning, helps move along all of the other elements of creating.

For example, when I wrote my very first book, I knew who it was for and the character who was leading the story. After I began to understand who my character was, and everything that made her the woman that she was, I realized that the message I was going to write about was mistakes, and how they shape the people we become. I did the work of tip #1 and tip #2 which then led me to this.

Once I had that, I had everything I needed to let my character go and help me create elements of my outline. Every single part of my story resonated with what I wanted to say. There was no question at the end of the story, when she met her fate, what I’d done there.

Now, reading this article, I will say, I can hear a select few of you snickering that I make it seem too easy. You, my friend, are over thinking this process. We each have the most unique ability to over extend out opinions, which is exactly a way of looking at this lesson. You should sit and actually listen to what you are saying, mentally and verbally, because the messages you convey in your daily life tend to bleed through the pages of whatever WIP you are focusing on.

Tell me, if you could write a book about anything that is on your mind, right at this moment, what would it be? What message do you feel you need to share with the world? Who knows, if you are an aspiring artist, this might just be the reason you are reading this post.

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