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Hi there! Thank you for visiting my website which has recently changed. I am the author of over a dozen books (Check out my private Book Store).

As of November 2020, I have signed a trilogy publishing contract with Our Galaxy Publishing to (re)release the Immortal Coven Series.

My self published novels are available through IngramSpark and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. My books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and every book retailer in print and ebook.

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April Gutierrez-Stults

New!!! April 2021

Children’s Book Press Release

Spring has Sprung!! We are excited to announce the Official Release of April Stults’s second children’s book. ‘Milo the Doodle Cat – The Adventures Continue’ out May 7, 2021. This academic coloring book joins its predecessor as being the first of its kind in children’s publishing.

From the beginning, the Milo the Doodle Cat series couples creativity and learning in one space. Using her education background and experience with art therapy, April chose to create a unique stance with these children’s books.

Milo the Doodle Cat – The Adventures Continue is the second academic coloring book in the series – educator approved for ages 7-10. This set of adventures uses 1st and 2nd grade mastery sight words and specific teacher desired vocabulary. Each adventure includes engaging vocabulary, discussion questions, and hundreds of magical illustrations.

Warmly received by educators, this continuation of adventures marks the beginning of what is to come in the series. April Stults has been an educator for more than a decade and has been a published author since 2008. She lives in Central Florida with her Husband and 4 children, working from home on her writing and her art.

$9.95, ISBN 9781736889602. Milo the Doodle Cat – The Adventures Continue is available at April Stults Books http://aprilgutierrez.com/book-store/ Bookstores, libraries, or other small or large orders can email April Stults Books via the Contact Tab.

$15.97 Hardback ISBN 9781736889619. Only available on www.blurb.com/b/10665118.

Books also be available on www.amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, www.walmart.com, www.target.com, booksamillion.com

More information on http://aprilgutierrez.com/milo-the-doodle-cat/

NEW!! Milo Merch!! April 2021

We have recently created Milo the Doodle Cat merchandise using Zazzle and Society6. The designs are unique for each website. Below are your available options.

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January 2021

We are excited to announce that April Gutierrez signed a publishing contract with Our Galaxy Publishing to release the ‘Immortal Coven’ Series/Trilogy. This exciting news comes after the completion of the second installment in the series/trilogy, Ciara’s Story.

Congratulate April Here: Facebook Page or Instagram Page

To learn more about Our Galaxy Publishing, visit: Our Galaxy Publishing

Meet the Author: Kids watch an author at work!

Schedule a Video conference with April in your classroom.

In a modern take on classroom visits, April Stults Books uses video conferencing to teach students about writing books. This approach allows teachers a supplement with writing instruction when in-person events simply aren’t an option.

“I’ve been a classroom teacher for a decade and have taught writing in my brick and mortar classroom. Conferencing events bring in a different approach to share my wealth of knowledge to help students. It’s also a great way to bring fundraising funds to your schools.”

If you want to be a better writer, you have to read, read, read. If you want to be a better reader, you have to write, write, write. Teachers understand the reciprocal relationship between reading and writing. The question is, how do we get our students to read and write and then write and read some more?

Virtual author visits are a good start. Thanks to Skype, Teams, and Zoom, it’s easier than ever to host published authors in your classroom.

As a teacher, I want my students to think of themselves as writers. Real writers. Why? Because writers write, and when we do, we think. To write is to explore worlds, both those within and those that surround us. Writing is rigor. “Real” writers know that, and when they talk to students they share that message. When students hang out with writers, they see themselves as a part of a writing community, and that leads them to think of themselves as real writers too.

Before a visit.

Ask your students to write questions they might like to ask the author before the visit. Students asked an array of questions, everything from the expected “How do you get your ideas?” and “How long does it take to write a book?” to the career-oriented “Can you make enough money as a writer?” to the poignant “Do you think your stories help kids deal with tough times?”

The invitation and Market Cost.

About half of the authors I’ve queried ask for remuneration for Skype visits, anywhere from $50 for an hour to $350. The other half offer free Skype visits for 15 to 30 minutes. Most authors have been willing to work with schools if I didn’t have the funding. Some do advance sales; others ask to send order forms home with the kids after the free or reduced cost visit. April Stults Books offers her visits as a fundraising event free to the school. 25% of All sales from her children’s book, Adventures of Milo the Doodle Cat, go back to the school as a donation.


Three tips to ensure your virtual visit goes well:

  1. Your school can purchase advanced copies to sell at a discounted price. Having plenty of copies of the author’s book in advance of the visit helps build a strong connection to the author.
  2. Try out the connection before the visit. Practicing with Skype, Teams , Zoom, or other connection methods is a good idea.
  3. Share procedures with students in advance. Ask students to show active listening skills while the author is speaking and give them directions for where to stand and how to look into the webcam when they ask a question.

With each of these virtual visits, students made a connection with the world of reading and writing. In each case, they were inspired to read and write as a part of their own lives, engaging in hours of inspired thinking and creating.

To schedule your video conference, fill out the form below. Events can be held during the school day in the afternoon or as a digital evening event.

Why Choose Us?

Purchasing directly from an author not only creates a buying relationship you also are supporting a person’s dream to be a self sufficient book seller. Meaning, no starving artist syndrom.

Amazon certainly likes money, which is why they make a healthy percentage from every book I sell. In real terms, if I want to offer one of my books for $0.99, Amazon’s royalty structure means I have to take a significant hit on my share of that sale. For a $0.99 ebook, Amazon drops my royalty to 35% of the sale price. That’s right, Amazon gives me $0.35 of every $0.99 priced book I sell through them. While the royalty to authors jumps up to 70% on any book priced between $1.99 and $9.99, and is certainly light years ahead of royalties earned by traditionally published authors, there is one really big problem with selling through a retailer. They do not pay out my earnings on a sale for 60 days. Some of the retailers have a minimum threshold on what they will pay out on. How would you like to have your income held back for two or more months?

 I can afford to offer you savings by buying direct from me, because I have cut out the middleman, I can afford to pass on savings to the reader. I can actually afford to offer my books at a discount from the Amazon price if I do it through my website. ​You will be able to read my new books long before they become available on the big sites, and…​I will be offering products that will never be available on Amazon, like exclusive novellas, short stories, and hard cover copies.​I offer bonuses and extras along with the sale of new releases through my site. ​I can sell cool stuff ​in addition to books. Merchandise, related to my books is something that would be more difficult to do on the big sites, but quite easy through my website.​ I get paid immediately after the sale and do not have to wait for 60 plus days to see revenue. How is that good for the reader? The answer comes down to cash flow. All of my writing is self funded. That means I can’t get books edited, or covers made until I have the funds available. The sooner I get paid, the sooner I can afford to put out the next book in the series. The end result is that you, the reader, will get more stuff from me, more often.